A very warm welcome to my website.

I am a Nepali citizen currently residing in LA. Seeing genuine smile and happiness in people always delights my heart. It would be my great pleasure and honor to sprinkle some love, inspiration and happiness in your life with my words, contents, services and products.

I am a learner and I always love to learn new things. I did my undergraduate in Information Systems  and MBA in Leadership and Management. After I moved to LA, I learned about finance and got licensed as an advisor in the state of California. I  love helping people. Helping people brings me the utmost happiness. I am enjoying my journey to help people manage their wealth, health, and their well being and operate their life being the best and happiest version of themselves.

Music is my life, my greatest passion. I love to travel and explore new places. I love every form of art. I see beauty in everything, everyone. I feel very fortunate to get to live this beautiful life in this beautiful world. For me, true beauty lies is in nature, music, love, authenticity, kindness and compassion. Join me in my journey to see the world and make it more beautiful with our love and kindness.

Mission: My mission is to assist people create a fulfilling and wonderful life by bringing clarity towards their vision, overcoming fears and live with passion, peace working towards their life purpose.

Vision: Let’s make this world more beautiful with love and happiness

Values: Trust, Integrity and Compassion

Enjoy every moment of this beautiful life. Be Happy.

Thank you.

Sujata Bajracharya